This information only applies if your having sex with someone in the missionary position.  For someone laying in the missionary position during sexual intercourse, having the legs up high in the air will always provide deeper vaginal and anal penetration.  If you have ever had the ordeal of having to hold and support someone’s legs during sex, you know how tiresome and distracting it can be. You want to properly penetrate the vaginal and anal areas, but in order to do so, you must hold back the thigh/legs. Even if the missionary person holds the legs back, it is still very tiresome for them and their hands are not free to do other touchy feely things.

The very easy to use ThighSpreader System, sets up in seconds. It is very discreet and is 100% out of sight when not in use. The ThighSpreader System is strategically designed to be installed and hidden.  Use the ThighSpreader System and your ready to start having deep penetrating sexual pleasure all night long.

The properly installed ThighSpreader System hold the leg(s) securely in position during sexual intercourse.  The user does not have to worry about supporting the leg(s) any longer.  If your sexual activity is very gentle or very rough in nature, the ThighSpreader System will always hold the leg(s) in place without any worries.  With the ThighSpreader System, you are 100% free to enjoy long lasting missionary sex over and over again.

The ThighSpreader System works with ALL BODY TYPES. It is placed around the lower section of the femur or high tibia (knee area). It is smooth to the feel of touch and does not irritate the skin.

The ThighSpreader System can be installed on either the mattress or boxspring (whichever is most convenient).  The ThighSpreader System even installs on airbeds.